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"We allow ourselves some stress and some relief, when we indulge in the things we love - mostly a lot of stress because these games can never be perfect for long periods of time before EA decides to fuck us over." - Sometimes an Unsatisfied Simmer
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What does everybody else plays other than the sims?





GTA 5, Call of Duty, and Sonic games.

GTA, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Dead or Alive 5, Harvest Moon, Dino Crisis.

GTA, Combat Arms, Call of duty, Battlefield… etc c:

Skyrim, Pokemon (X, Black 2, Soul Silver, Diamond, Emerald etc), GTA V, GTA IV, GTA:SA, Dead Space, Bioshock, Fable, tablet games, and more

Harvest moon, animal crossing, most 3ds games, board games ehegeg

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Not that I’m not playing sims, but I’ve become addicted to my Harvest Moon games, I got ANB recently, but because the opening was really long, I switched back to ToTT, so if anyone has ToTT and wants to play with me in Wifi field, it’d be lovely. 8D



Petcetera, pet shop.